Dutch Love Phrases: How to Say "I Love You," in Dutch - DutchPod101.com Blog (2024)

Do you have a Dutch girlfriend or boyfriend, or has an attractive Dutchie caught your eye? Then learning how to express your feelings in the Dutch language is the first step you should take toward creating a new relationship or strengthening the bond between you and your lover.

Of course, there are the basics. For example…

How do you say “I love you,” in Dutch? That’s Ik hou van jou. And how about “my love”? That could be mijn lieverd or mijn liefje.

The Dutch may not be the most expressive people when it comes to love, but they do have their own ways of confessing their feelings and revealing their love to someone. With the right words, you’ll come a long way in your relationship—but try not to be too dramatic or clingy. The Dutch are very down-to-earth, and they view excessive romanticism as a mark of desperation.

Learn to talk about love in Dutch with this useful guide from DutchPod101.com. We’ve provided a variety of Dutch love phrases for every phase of your romantic relationship, from confessing your affection and falling in love all the way to getting married and starting a family. And if that’s still not enough, we’ll even introduce you to some Dutch endearment terms and must-know Dutch love quotes.

Let’s get to it!

Impress your Dutch love with these Dutch romantic phrases.

Dutch Love Phrases: How to Say "I Love You," in Dutch - DutchPod101.com Blog (3)Table of Contents

  1. First Contact: Dutch Pick-up Lines and More
  2. Take it to the Next Level: How Do You Say “I Love You,” in Dutch?
  3. Take it One Step Further: “Will You Marry Me?” and More
  4. Dutch Endearment Terms: “My Love” in Dutch and More
  5. Must-know Dutch Love Quotes
  6. How DutchPod101 Can Help You Learn More Dutch

1. First Contact: Dutch Pick-up Lines and More

You’re in a bar and you spot some nice Dutchie you’d like to get to know…but how do you make first contact? While the Dutch value a direct approach in all things, it’s still important to know how to start the conversation. Have a look at these Dutch pick-up lines and other useful Dutch love phrases for when you’ve just met someone.

Kom je hier vaker?
Ik ken je ergens van.
“Do you come here often?”
“I think I’ve seen you before.”

Hoe heet je?“What’s your name?”

    → What more can you say? Have a look at these 10 Lines You Need for Introducing Yourself.

Wil je dansen?
Wil je met me dansen?
“Do you want to dance?”
“Do you want to dance with me?”

Wil je wat drinken?
Ik betaal dit rondje.
“Can I buy you a drink?”
“Let me get this round.”
In the Netherlands, it’s not customary that the man pays for everything. Rather, it’s quite common for couples to “go Dutch” and split the bill. However, when you meet someone new, offering a drink can be a good way to show your interest. While it’s less common for a girl to buy a guy a drink, this is definitely an option as well.

Heb je een vriend?
Heb je een vriendin?
“Do you have a boyfriend?”
“Do you have a girlfriend?”
The Dutch are direct, so they’re used to non-subtle ways of asking if someone is single. You could also ask: Ben je single? (“Are you single?”)

Het was leuk met jou.I
k zou het leuk vinden om je nog een keer te zien.
“I had a great time with you.”
“I’d like to see you again.”

Zullen we nog eens afspreken?
Zullen we binnenkort wat drinken?
“Shall we meet another time?”
“Shall we have a drink soon?”
In the Netherlands, a common first date is to have drinks together at a bar at night. Going for dinner is far less common, as it can be viewed as awkward if you don’t know the other person very well.

Are you ready to invite someone on a date in Dutch?

Mag ik je telefoonnummer?
Mag ik je mijn telefoonnummer geven?
“Can I get your phone number?”
“Can I give you my number?”
It’s more common to ask for someone’s phone number than to ask if you may give your number to someone, and both men and women can do so. That said, giving your phone number to someone might be seen as more courteous. If your potential date is interested, they will either return the favor right away or call you later.

    → Now that you’ve made your move, you’ll want to know the Most Common Phrases You’ll Need for a Date.
    → Did someone ask you out on a date, but you’re not interested? Find out how to politely decline with these Ways to Reject an Invitation.

2. Take it to the Next Level: How Do You Say “I Love You,” in Dutch?

You went on that first date and many more. You’re in love and ready to take it to the next level. So, what’s “I love you,” in Dutch? And what else can you say to really win their affections? Here are several romantic Dutch phrases you can use to express your feelings.

Ik vind je leuk.“I like you.”
As mentioned before, the Dutch are not very expressive about their love. Saying this phrase to someone you’ve only just met may be seen as too fast or forward. It’s more common to express this after you’ve seen the other person several times.

Ik mis je.“I miss you.”

Ik heb zin om je weer te zien.“I look forward to seeing you again.”

Ik denk aan jou.“I’m thinking about you.”

Ik ben gek op jou.“I’m crazy about you.”

Je bent zo mooi.“You’re so beautiful.”

Ik ben verliefd op jou.“I am in love with you.”

Wil je verkering met mij?
Wil je een relatie met mij?
Zullen we het officieel maken?
“Do you want to be in a relationship with me?”
“Do you want to be in a relationship with me?”
“Shall we make it official?”
Verkering is another word used to refer to a romantic relationship. Although it’s a common word, it might be perceived as a bit childish. If you’d prefer to stay on the safe side, use the word relatie (“relationship”). It has the same meaning, but it’s a more neutral word.

If you’ve been dating your Dutchie for a while but the relationship has not become “official” yet, then you might want to use the last option.

Ik houd van jou.
Ik houd zielsveel van jou.
“I love you.”
“I love you with heart and soul.”
Fun fact: Dutch people often use the phrase Ik hou van jou, with the d dropped from houd. Although the spelling is officially wrong, it’s a very common way to write the phrase. Where does this habit come from? The d might have been dropped simply because it’s not pronounced when the word is spoken.

Ready to write some love letters in Dutch?

    → Are you looking for some other romantic Dutch phrases to declare your undying love? Our list of Love Phrases for Valentine’s Day might be just what you need.

3. Take it One Step Further: “Will You Marry Me?” and More

You’ve expressed your feelings successfully, it’s been reciprocated, and you’re officially in a happy relationship. Are you ready to take it one step further? Here are all the Dutch love phrases you need to steer your relationship toward the future you want. We’ve gathered key phrases for expressing true love in Dutch, meeting the parents, moving in together, getting married, and even having a baby.

Wij zijn voor elkaar bestemd.
Jij bent de liefde van mijn leven.
Ik kan niet zonder jou.
“We are made for each other.”
“You are the love of my life.”
“I can’t live without you.”
These romantic Dutch phrases are not used very often, so make sure you only say them in the right setting and that they come from the heart. The Dutch don’t take words like these lightly.

Ik wil graag dat je mijn ouders ontmoet.“I would like for you to meet my parents.”
As the Dutch move out of their parents’ place at a relatively young age and often move to another city when going to study, meeting the parents is a big deal in Dutch culture.

Wil je met mij samenwonen?“Would you like to move in together?”

Wil je met me trouwen?“Do you want to marry me?”

Pop the question in Dutch.

Ik wil graag een kindje met jou.“I would like to have a baby with you.”

4. Dutch Endearment Terms: “My Love” in Dutch and More

What’s next, then? You’ll need some Dutch endearment terms to express your love each and every day. In the Netherlands, it’s very common to use endearment terms when talking to the people you love, whether it be your partner or your friends and family.

Lekker ding
“Little dear”
“Delicious thing”
These are just some popular options, but there are many more! The same endearment terms also come in a lot of different forms and shapes, such as: lieffie, droppie, schatteke, knappie. It’s all a matter of preference, and many Dutch couples also use personal pet names.

What Dutch endearment term would you use?

5. Must-know Dutch Love Quotes

As you might have expected from the not-so-romantic Dutch, there is no overload of romantic love quotes in the Dutch language. And the quotes that do exist tend to have a down-to-earth undertone. That said, here are the most popular quotes about love in Dutch:

DutchDe liefde kan niet van één kant komen.
Literally“Love cannot come from one side.”
EquivalentIt takes two to tango.
This is one of the down-to-earth Dutch love quotes that’s quite popular in the Netherlands. It shows the Dutch attitude about love, which is that love should come from both sides: If you want to make it work, both parties will have to contribute.

DutchDe liefde van een man gaat door de maag.
Literally“A man’s love goes through the stomach.”
This humorous Dutch love quote may also say something about their not-so-romantic nature. This is a very popular Dutch quote, and it even has its own song.

It can also be used for women, children, or even for animals. People may even say it about their own cat: De liefde van een kat gaat door de maag. (“The love of a cat goes through the stomach.”)

DutchOngelukkig in het spel, gelukkig in de liefde.
Literally“Unlucky in the game, happy in love.”
EquivalentLucky at cards, unlucky in love.
This love quote in Dutch is nearly identical to its English counterpart. Those who always lose in gambling often have a happy love life, and vice-versa.

What do you think about that? Is it true for you?

DutchOude liefde roest niet.
Literally“Old love does not rust.”
This beautiful Dutch quote, with an identical English counterpart, also has its own song from the famous Dutch 80s band VOF De Kunst.

They sing: Oude liefde roest niet, maar verdwijnt net zoals jij. (“Old love does not rust, but disappears just like you.”)

    → Find more love inspiration in our free vocabulary list of quotes on Love. Or go for those bittersweet Break-Up quotes.

6. How DutchPod101 Can Help You Learn More Dutch

You’re ready to find some Dutch love!

In this article, you learned how to say “I love you,” in Dutch and many more useful Dutch love phrases. You’re now prepared to get your flirt on, express your love, and even take it a step further with a solid marriage proposal. You also know what endearment terms to use for your Dutch lieverd (“dear”) and have some old Dutch love quotes to fall back on when you want to spice things up.

Did we forget any important Dutch love phrases you know? What’s your favorite romantic Dutch phrase or endearment term?

There’s still a lot more to learn, and nothing will make your Dutch lover swoon more than mastering their native tongue. Make sure to explore DutchPod101.com and take advantage of our numerous vocabulary lists with audio recordings and other useful free resources to boost your Dutch studies.

Would you like some 1-on-1 coaching? Then consider upgrading to a Premium PLUS subscription, which will give you access to our MyTeacher service. Here, you can learn more about Dutch love and life with your own private teacher and really master the Dutch language. Through personalized feedback and pronunciation advice, you’ll catch on in no time.

Dutch Love Phrases: How to Say "I Love You," in Dutch - DutchPod101.com Blog (9)

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Dutch Love Phrases: How to Say "I Love You," in Dutch - DutchPod101.com Blog (17)

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Dutch Love Phrases: How to Say "I Love You," in Dutch - DutchPod101.com Blog (2024)


Dutch Love Phrases: How to Say "I Love You," in Dutch - DutchPod101.com Blog? ›

Ik houd zielsveel van jou.

How do the Dutch Express love? ›

In the Netherlands, we usually say ik hou van je when we want to tell people we love them. Literally, it means “I hold of you,” which is a far cry from more poetic languages like French.

How do you say love in the Netherlands? ›

Expressing Your Feelings

Start with ik hou van jou as the most basic way to say "I love you." It sounds like "Ik how vin yo.". The verb houden van can be generally translated as meaning "to love," so this is the most common way to say "I love you" to someone.

What do Dutch call their lovers? ›

'Schatje' and 'lief/liefje' (also liefie) are indeed words that would be used for a partner.

What does ik heb je lief mean? ›

Dutch has three interesting constructions for saying “I love you”: “Ik zie je graag” (“I gladly see you”/”I like seeing you”), “Ik heb je lief” (“I love you”) and “Ik hou van jou/u” (like “I hold you dear”).

What does ik hou van je mean? ›

Ik hou van je = I love you.

How do you flirt in Dutch? ›

Sentences for flirting in Dutch
  1. Ik vind je leuk. Ik vind je knap. (I think you're pretty / beautiful/ good-looking.)
  2. Je bent grappig (You are funny.)
  3. Heb je al een vriend? Ben je bezet? (Do you have a boyfriend? ...
  4. Zullen we daten? (Do you want to go out?)
  5. Heb je zin om samen te eten? (Do you want to have dinner together?)

How do Dutch people kiss? ›

Dutch greetings (not corona time)

In informal, more personal situations, women kiss each other and men on the cheek three times (right-left-right). Men between men usually only shake hands.

Is there a Dutch kiss? ›

In the Netherlands and Belgium, cheek kissing is a common greeting between relatives and friends (in the Netherlands slightly more so in the south). Generally speaking, women will kiss both women and men, while men will kiss women but refrain from kissing other men, instead preferring to shake hands with strangers.

What is the most commonly used swear word in the Netherlands? ›

While kanker is probably the most commonly used Dutch swear word in this category, it isn't the only one. Another example is tering, which translates to “tuberculosis”. Like kanker, tering can be used on its own to express frustration, but it can also be used to say something positive.

What is the expression hotter than Dutch love? ›

It's hotter than Dutch love.

This heat idiom actually originated in the midwestern U.S. where many Dutch immigrants (people originating from the Netherlands) settled beginning in the mid-19th century. Some people believe the term is used ironically, implying that Dutch love is instead rather frigid.

How to date a Dutch person? ›

Neither Dutch men nor Dutch women are renowned for being touchy-feely on a first date. Other than the customary greeting, which is to kiss three times on the cheek when first meeting, physical contact is kept to a minimum. Direct eye contact, on the other hand, is the norm during these early encounters.

What are Dutch girls called? ›

noun. , plural Dutch·wom·en. a female native or inhabitant of the Netherlands; a woman of Dutch ancestry.

How do you call a girl pretty in Dutch? ›

pretty girl
  1. mooi meisje, het ~ Noun.
  2. pop, de ~ (v) Noun.

How do you say "I love you" in Amsterdam? ›

The most frequently used way to say it is the literal translation of 'I love you': “Ik hou van jou” / “Ik hou van je”. Another one that we use quite often is “Ik vind je leuk”, which translates to 'I like you'. You can also say “ik ben verliefd op je”, but that means 'I'm in love with you'.

What does "ich liebe dich" mean? ›

Ich liebe dich is the traditional way to say “I love you” in German.

What is the Dutch word for kiss? ›

kiss → zoen; kus; verb.


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