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GI is a gacha RPG in which the player independently assembles his own squad of four heroes with the ability to switch between them and goes in search of adventure alone or in the company of friends, but for this you need to level up the adventure level.

Genshin Impact has a cross-platform system – this means that you can play on a PC, phone and tablet with the ability to freely switch. This will help you collect occuli and other resources, but you can always simplify your gameplay and gain adventure ranks using Genshin Impact by professional service Skycoach.

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Adventure Ranks

There are no levels in Genshin, but there are ranks – this is the range of your successes in quests and hunts, which open up new gameplay opportunities for you.

You need to constantly progress in adventure levels, at least until you overcome important milestones, after which most of the content will become available to you.

You need to constantly progress in adventure levels, at least until you overcome important milestones, after which most of the content will become available to you.

Follow the quest system to get boosted in Genshin Impact and get to travel level 12, which will unlock daily quests and speed up your character’s further progress.

At level 14, your heroes who are not part of the main squad can be sent on an expedition and over time they will return with resources and food.

At level 16, a multiplayer mode will open for you, in which you can complete quests and destroy monsters in the company of friends, gathering a squad of up to 4 players.

The rating of world loot will increase by 20 and 25 – this means that experience from monsters and the overall chance and value of rewards will be increased.

All rewards can be obtained from the secretary of the travelers guild – Katerina.

Finding her is not difficult, go to Mondstadt and look for her in the eastern part of the map near the exit to the bridge from the city.

Try to complete the storyline as quickly as possible and focus on getting adventure level 25, it will help you quickly collect valuable items that will be useful to you for a long period of time.

The role of oculi in the system of leveling up your character

Oculi are a special accumulative resource that is used as a gift for the statue of the seven archons, which will increase the characteristics you need for the currently selected hero.

For the presented oculi, you can increase your level of endurance, receive travel points, which are equivalent to game levels, exchange for source stones, or one of three seals – geo, electro, or anemo. It is most profitable to change them for seals, or increase your stamina, which will increase your survival.

Adventure experience is of course important to you, but you shouldn’t exchange them for such valuable resources as oculi – you will have many ways to increase your level. It’s better to focus on seals, which are found in limited quantities on game maps, or source stones, which are much more difficult to obtain.

Look for oculi throughout the Genshin Impact area.

There will be a limited number of them, and it is advisable for you to collect them all to significantly strengthen your hero. When you pass by an oculus, you will notice it on the mini-map and receive an audio and visual alert and can collect it.

You will have many chances to collect most of the resources while leveling up and traveling, and interactive maps with their exact locations will help you collect the missing oculi. Also, with the help of cards, you can immediately concentrate your efforts on collecting all the oculi and maximally strengthen your hero to continue boosting in the GI.

Types of oculi

There are three types of oculi in the Genshin territories, and they are distributed in three different territories, and finding them should motivate players to explore the entire island.

  1. You will begin your collection with Anemocules, of which 66 can be found in the territory of Mondstadt. This is the starting large location where you will spend most of the game time, and you will find most of the oculi naturally.
  1. Look for Geocules – in the lands of Li Yue, there will already be 133 of them, and although you will find many of them during your travels, some of them will be hidden in hard-to-reach places, and it is better to immediately view them on the interactive map if you want to collect geocules Firstly.
  1. The last type of resource is Electrocules – and you will find them in Inazuma. But the search will take even longer, because there will be 181 of them scattered around.

You should know that collecting oculi is a good idea for one-time strengthening of your hero and collecting resources, but some of them will not be immediately available and will open only after exploring the zone, or completing a series of quests.

Two ways to make your eye search easier

In Genshin Impact there is a special device called the Echo Stone, it helps to detect the desired type of oculi and for each type there is its own separate stone.

Stones are created using alchemy, but to get this opportunity you need to open a drawing, which is obtained by increasing the reputation of the region. Usually this is the second level and is obtained by completing quests and leveling up in the territory.

Keep in mind that the stone is used to detect the oculi around you and is destroyed after that.

If possible, create a large supply of echo stones, but only use them when necessary, or when you don’t understand exactly where the oculus is located.

In other cases, try using an interactive map to roughly determine the location and then search for them visually.

Activate teleportation points

While gaining travel levels, boosting in GI and exploring territories, you will often have to return to those zones in which you have already been before, and in order not to waste a lot of time moving around, open teleportation points.

Look for small pillars, which will then become teleportation points, which you can activate at any time using the M key, which opens the world map and all zones available for fast travel.

Take the time to find all the teleportation points, especially in locations where you spend too much time finding them and opening them. This is especially true for mountains and swampy locations.

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How to strengthen your character

Your level and character strength is calculated by the overall leveling of different heroes, the level of adventures, parameters and characteristics, the strength of weapons and eyeballs, which you already know about.

First of all, you need to form a combat squad of heroes.

You will be able to choose an adventurer who brings more experience, attacking and auxiliary heroes. Each hero can be upgraded using adventure levels, quests and constellations.

Constellations will be obtained when you receive the same heroes, which will allow you to enhance their potential and go through the ascension stage.

At the beginning of your gameplay, try to focus your Genshin boosting on one character that has the potential to level up for yourself and other potential heroes.

Don’t upgrade your weapons at the first stage – it doesn’t make sense, because at the beginning you need to get level 25. The fact is that at levels 20 and 25 you will have a chance to knock out a weapon of the best category, and it is better to improve and pump it up by going through the ascension stage and spending resources. All other weapons will quickly become obsolete and irrelevant, so they are not worth your time.

Collect artifacts – these are important items for which your heroes have 5 slots, which need to be filled. You can increase the strength and endurance parameters, and fill the remaining slots with random parameters and select them according to your requests. If there is not enough health, then endurance, and if attacks, then strength.

You will find artifacts as quest rewards and loot chests, obtained from dungeons and sometimes from NPCs. Remember that NPCs will have the lowest quality items.

You should not pay your attention to increasing the level of artifacts in the first stages, because their value will not be as high as the 3rd level star items, and first get them and then invest them in your artifacts for hero development.

When you assemble your combat squad, focus on the main attacking carry hero, and the rest will help him with healing and strengthening. Start with a hero with travel priority and gradually change it to attack and defense. Constantly collect and update your collections of heroes with the help of prayers until you have assembled the optimal composition of heroes for you.

The article was prepared and written by to help newcomers to Genshin Impact.

Top 30+ WTF Unblocked Games: Free Online Games - Unigamesity (2024)


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